About Us


The Selection of our Logo

The virtues of Lord Hanuman have been extolled in the great epic, ‘The Ramayana’. The Mace / Vajra / Gada is carried by Lord Hanuman in His right hand as the symbol of sovereignty. He is adored by this weapon-ornament as He has complete control over His senses. The Mace is not merely a physical weapon; it is rather a symbol of one who is an embodiment of moral and spiritual values. It is hallmark of self sovereignty.

We have used the Mace as our logo to keep us marching on the path of righteousness. It protects us from evil thoughts, words and deeds, both internal as well as external. It also gives us the strength to execute all work that we take up with the same fervor, fearlessness, humility and dedication that Lord Hanuman portrayed in His service to Lord Rama.