Services We Offer

Competent Finman Pvt. Ltd. offers the folowing services. Please click on the links below to have more information on them.

Capital Market: We are the leading broker of NSE and BSE and have been providing capital market and derivatives services to our clients.  More

Derivatives: Derivatives (Futures & Options) are ideal instruments to protect your portfolio against risk.  More

Mutual Funds & IPO's: A Mutual Fund is a trust that pools the savings of a number of investors who share a common financial goal. Anybody with an invisible surplus of as little as a few thousand rupees can invest in Mutual Funds.  More

Commodities: Commodities as a word originated from the French word ‘commdite’ meaning ‘benefit, profit’. Rightly so! The kind of continuously growing turnover which commodities market has seen is incredible, benefiting both producers and buyers.  More

Depository Services: A depository can be defined as an institution where the investors can keep their financial assets such as equities, bonds, mutual fund units etc in the dematerialised form and transactions could be effected on it.  More

Currency Derivatives: Currency derivatives are contracts between the sellers and buyers, whose values are to be derived from the underlying assets, the currency amounts. More